Wrong information spreads like wildfire.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

The priceless galaxy of misinformation is called the mind.

As kids, we’ve all heard/read the aforementioned proverbs, right?  (the last one isn’t as common, but I needed it to make a trio), because I have. And each time I came across them, there would be two things that would strike little me:

  1. A little knowledge? Isn’t that wrong grammar? (it’s correct, by the way)
  2. How can knowledge ever be dangerous? Even if it is only little and/or half, learning new things is always a plus, right?

Well, as it turns out, it’s not always a plus.

Here’s the truth: A lot of us don’t read newspapers; neither do we actually take out time to dig into properly resourced websites (and if we do, we land up on misinformed sites like Wikipedia). So in a conversation with our other informed and intellectual friends, we obviously don’t want to be left out or neglected. So, what do we do? We barge into the conversation with the half knowledge we have about the topic in discussion (which happens to be something we overheard a few days back, from someone who read it online, who read it on another person’s account, who shared it from a gag page) and do either of the following:

  1. End up making a fool out of ourselves.
  2. Just somehow, we end up convincing the other people and unleash the chain of misunderstood information.

And from then on begins the working of the terrible rumour mill.

Which brings me to answer why I’ve created The Teens’ Digest: TTD is going to be every teenager’s go-to website when they’re looking for answers to questions that are frequently a topic of discussion and/or misunderstood. The updates could be about anything – ranging from as basic a topic as Sex Education or as extensive as the realm of Sexuality; with the simplest explanation ever. I’m going to do all the project work, you’ve just got read, understand, and ask questions when in doubt. Sounds easy enough, right? I hope TTD helps you to organise all that misplaced information in your minds!

PS: I’m going to be writing in a Question/Answer format which will make it easier for you to get answers. Feel free to ask me any doubts and if you happen to find any error in the information provided please let me know! 



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